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Artist websites:

CD Baby! - Listen to SixMileCross and other independent artists, and buy the CD's online easily and securely. - The website for all kinds of great new music... you need to check this out! Listen  to SixMileCross and lots of other artists. Stream or download mp3 or Realplayer format.

Clearchannel New Music Network - Besides SixMileCross, there are lots of artists and music here for you to check out.

Radio stations:

91X - Cutting edge rock, "Loudspeaker" local music show. Email a request to "Loudspeaker" by clicking here.
94.9 - FM949, "The Local 94/9" local music show. Email a request to "The Local 94/9" by clicking here.
92.1 - Independent radio, "Go Loco" local music show. Email a request to "Go Loco" by clicking here.

CD credits:

Blitz Recording Studio - Where the new SixMileCross CD was recorded and mixed.

Discmakers - Where the new SixMileCross CD was mastered, duplicated, and packaged.

Other San Diego bands we know and like:

Natasha's Ghost

Collage Menage

Latanya Lockett


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